Welcome to my portfolio. Here you can see my past academic work.

Website Design

The Place for Parts

For The Place for Parts I created an informative website about guitars and their parts. It utilizes bootstrap and other techniques like carousels and multimedia.

Sound Saver

Sound Saver is an app protoype that searches the web for the best price on music equipment. This website was made using bootstrap and includes a video on how to navigate the app.

Client Analytic Report

For this assignment me and 3 other students worked together to create social media content for the TXST Pace Center Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We took their social media analytics and put it into a report to show things like the average likes and comments per post. We also described the trends, for example if the followers were decreasing or increasing over the months.

Graphic Design

For my Media Design course I made a 19 page magazine that reviews some of the top albums of 2022. I made this using InDesign.


In my website The Place For Parts I edited a video showing how to restring an electric guitar. In this video I used different techniques like music fade in/out, background music, and diffferent camera angles to give it a interview-like atmosphere.


I play guitar and like to collaborate with my musician friends to make songs. Here are some of the things we’ve made.