My Guitar

When I was a kid my mom bought me a junior version of the Fender Stratocaster although it was an off brand by Kona. A few months ago I started playing again and used this guitar but now that I'm older it’s just too small for me. So I decided to buy a black and white Squire Fender Stratocaster. Ever since I was a kid I've loved the look of this guitar. Ironically this guitar is meant for blues and rock however I got it to play metal. So I think that tells you how much I love the stratocaster. Another reason I got it is that guitar is usually what beginners will get to start playing. The version I got is from 2009 and I bought it from a seller online. It includes 2 single coils as well as a humbucker which means it can do bright and melodic sounds as well as deep and heavy stuff. The reason I did this was because my taste in music is very eclectic so I have a guitar that's very versatile in terms of what it can do.