My Duck

I own a pet duck and got him around late march of 2017. At this time I was about 14 and was really excited to have a new pet. I decided to name him Joey. Most people assume the name came from the guy from Friends but it's actually one of the characters from a favorite childhood show of mine called Yu-Gi-Oh! I also had a few other ducks however they unfortunately passed away and now he's alone. Although that sounds sad I think he prefers to be alone cause he seems fine, usually ducks will show signs of loneliness but Joey doesn't do that. He’s been a big part of my life, a lot of my friends love to play with him when they come over and always ask me how he’s doing. The only problem is Joey tends to be kind of aggressive. He will bite at people's feet but if he's being held he wont do anything. Ducks don't really like to be pet and be held the way dogs and cats do so that's one downside of having them as pets. He also has to stay outside in the backyard since he poops a lot and obviously there's no way to train a duck. One of the worst parts about college is I don't get to see him unless I go home since he's in Houston with my family.